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Yoga Mala – Zen Flow For Moi

jaimepageguitars | June 17, 2016

I am deeply humbled to have this beautiful Yoga Mala dedicated to me. I cannot thank Honey at Yoga Zenith enough for this honor, as well as our lovely group of gorgeous girls of which Kerry and I have grown to love.

This event comes during a time of major change in my life, and there will be no going back. It has been an amazing journey, spiritually, emotionally and physically. My transition is soon to reach it’s natural conclusion, and this is perfect timing.

Yoga Mala – Zen Flow For Jaime Page – Event Link

Now and Zen something special happens in the universe, and I feel blessed to have found my way here.

Our sessions are the highlight of my week, and I always walk away feeling loved, refreshed, beautiful and happy.


Learn more about Yoga Zenith here.


From Honey @ Yoga Zenith on Facebook

Yes, Yes, Yes! It’s time for YOGA MALA!! A very special one indeed!

When Jaime Page first came to attend my yoga class 4 months ago, with her partner, I welcomed them both as all other students with whom I share practices. Soon after that, I felt so honour that Jaime wrote to me to share her story, her journey.
I will now let you explore to read more about Jaime here & sincerely hope her story touch your hearts. Like it does, with mine!

To all my students who practised Yoga Mala in the past with me, you know our traditions, practising Yoga Mala to celebrate Equinox! All proceeds from Yoga Mala Practices by Yoga Zenith are to be donated to community causes!

And this time, our Mala is to help a friend, a member of our extended family!

With so much love & respect to Jaime & her partner Kerry, I would like to dedicate this practice of YOGA Mala to them both!

The Equinox is one of the most powerful days of the year, a time of balance and renewal when our mind, body and spirit open themselves up to receive the revitalizing Prana of the earth and sun.

We will celebrate this shift in the seasons with a transformative celebration of 108 sun salutations to honor the sun, the earth, and our own spirit.

A Yoga Mala is a series of 108 Sun Salutations, as an energizing, healing, and meditative way to welcome the change of season, to share energy, sweat, rejuvenate, and express gratitude for the many blessings of life.

This is an amazing opportunity to burn off any ‘crud’ in the system, and to empower yourself to move into your life fearlessly.

Do not fret, this is a lot easier than it sounds! The collective power of the group will create the fuel to support you in this fun, heart-opening practice. And yes, the more people, the better!
Equinox is a time of balancing in our lives, representing fertility, creation, and renewal. It is a chance to gently review ourselves and rejuvenate our relationships with clarity of mind and new perspectives. The vitality of the sun brings us dynamism, courage, and energy as we move toward longer days, blossoms, and rebirth.

So mark this date, join me & let’s experience the spirit of the Yoga Mala, experience the power of a moving meditation, heal yourself & help others to heal.


Honey x



Written by jaimepageguitars

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