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About Jaime

It’s all about me.

Oh, how I hate writing my bio! But seriously.

Jaime Antonia Page – Guitarist.

Star Sign: LEO.
D.O.B. August 22

I am an accomplished guitarist, but yes, I would say that that wouldn’t I! I hail originally from Tilbury docks via Kitwe in Zambia, Whyalla South Australia and my beloved Perth, Western Australia.

I love playing and listening to classic rock music. Bands like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple are my inspiration, and I am proud to honour both with our tribute acts Houses Of The Holy and Deepest Purple.

My deepest passion is writing original progressive rock music for Dark Universe. What started as a labour of love blossomed into a solo album is now a fully fledged band featuring the immense talents of Donna Greene, Michael Burn, Craig Skelton and his Skeltonettes.




When you come to see me play, you will see a musician that loves their art and sharing the joy of music. Sometimes dark, often smiling and even playful, I give my all and enjoy flaunting my artistry on the lighted stage. Yes, I am a show-off, but can also laugh at myself. See?

I am currently working on the second album ‘Into The Black’ with the aptly named Jaime Page’s Dark Universe. ITB is the follow-up to my debut Dark Universe release. As is typical of me, my songs wear my heart on their sleeve.

I am not afraid to vent and lay my emotional wreckage bare for all to see. That is pretty much the Dark Universe official musical policy, and Into The Black’s cinders reside in the Dark places we know and love, but with more emphasis on the light at the end of the world, so to speak.

My other career highlights include a stint with Perth hard rock/metal legends Trilogy, power metal band Black Steel, and the ‘piece de resistance’ the song Resurrection, recorded by drum legend Cozy Powell (Whitesnake/Rainbow/Jeff Beck/Black Sabbath) and then re-recorded by Brain May of Queen.




One of my proudest moments in rock is Brian May’s live version of Resurrection featuring a medley of Cozy’s 1812 drum solo and the heavy section of Bohemian Rhapsody. I am very proud of that.

Black Alice – The Endangered Species

Other notable moments of madness include the legendary Aussie metal band Black Alice and the Endangered Species album, produced by Steve James. Steve is a major influence on my musicality. We worked together on many projects in London. Respect.

There could be a complete chapter dedicated to the Black Alice story, but I have to say that an honourable mention goes to Gary Keady for his incredible drive and ongoing support when all else had let the memories wither.

Gary was crucial in hooking up Black Steel with Steve James and being a driving force musically and is the brainchild behind the Sons Of Steel movie, which featured an insane soundscape with some of the best musicians I have ever worked with.

Watch out for news regarding the recent re-releases on Kathargo/Pure Steel Records.

The funniest note on Black Alice is that of picking a name for the band way back when we were called Gypsy but had to change. It was in the heady NWOBHM days, and we had Metallica as a name on the shortlist. Oh well!

Black Is The New Black

As you can see, Black is everywhere and permeating every pore of my musical soul. Black Alice, Black Steel, Deepest Black, Into The Black, it never ends, though maybe one day I may discover another colour, though I am fond of Purple!! Deepest White just does not work for me I guess.

Influences: My not so dark place.

On paper, my influences might well surprise you. here is a list of some of the artists I love. It may help you understand me a little more, and that I am not all dark and bleak all of the time. Ok, so I lied.

In very particular order:

Led Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix
Kate Bush
Tori Amos
Steven Wilson
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Cold Play
Dream Theater
Pink Floyd
Lady Gaga
Marc Bolan & T.Rex
David Bowie
Peter Gabriel
Ozzy Osbourne
Mariah Carey
The Beatles
Jeff Beck
Gary Moore
Randy Rhoads
Steve Vai
Eric Clapton
The Rolling Stones
Fleetwood Mac
King Crimson
Paul Kossoff

My Gear

I play Ibanez Universe 7-String guitars with Dark Universe and a Fender Custom Shop Strat with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails for most other bands and have access to Liam Barker’s Gibson Les Pauls for Houses Of The Holy. Thanking you so much Liam!!

My amps are Marshall JVM410H. I love this amp to bits. Pedals are Boss DD3, CE5 and TU-2. My main weapon? Volume!

Strings are Ernie Ball 7-String Super Slinky and Regular Slinky on the detuned axe. The Strat has Regular Slinky. Picks are heavy plastic whatever is around at the time. I also love Ernie Ball Glass Slides and D’Addario Planet Waves guitar straps.

My Other Loves

My passions include reading, graphic arts, my Apple laptop and associated appliances, politics and sport. I also love movies and spend way too much time at the cinema for my own good.

My Life

I am a transgender woman and proud of it. I will devote my life to helping others and work towards fairness and equality for my kindred folk.

You can find more about my music and more at

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